Chess, which is played by millions worldwide is one of the most followed sport globally. Set up over 64 squares with 32 pieces and 2 players, this game is a battle of ideas, tactics and strategies, with the ultimate objective of checkmating the opposite colored king.

Although it doesn’t seem really obvious in the first sight, the entire dynamics of the game can be broken down in the sense of space and time. At the very heart of every strategy that is devised, every move that is played, it is only these two aspects of the game that change. …

The first patent of an electric motor was filed by the American inventor Thomas Davenport in the early 19th century, in whose time, its primary applications were in printing presses and power machinery tools. Rolling forward a couple of centuries, we have them everywhere from the vibration of mobile phones in our pockets, the ceiling fans in households to robotic manipulators.

These motors, based on their applications, need to be controlled in such a manner to achieve the objective of the task intended. For example, electric vehicles require variable speed control while robotic manipulators often require position control of the…

Veejay Karthik

Graduate Student at IITB

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